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The specimen collection                                  

During the pandemic, I began to experiment heavily with alcohol ink prints. It is an incredibly addictive process, yielding unpredictable, one-of-a-kind results. 

I love science almost as much as I love art, and to combine the two is incredibly fascinating. From a young age, I looked forward to science class, but I especially loved working with the microscope. I think that there is something about light and transparency, combined with actual living cells, that is truly magical. 

Alcohol ink carries that same transparency and organic movement, albeit more colorful. Much like cellular structure, the layers and complexity that can be created with this ink are endless, and I simply couldn’t ignore the parallels between the two.

That is why each print is given a SPECIMEN cataloging number, instead of a title. It is my hope, at some point, to secure funding that will allow this ever-expanding collection to be viewed through a microscope, or through slide projections, or short animations. 

Until then, I will continue to explore this medium, as well as the development of limited prints of each piece, both of which are still relatively new to me. Thank you for bearing with me. Art is, as always, a journey.

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