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The concept of a transparent collage serves a dual purpose for the Discovery Lab patrons, most of whom are children. First, imagine being a child, and having the opportunity to travel through a rainbow? As a general rule, children are excited and engaged by bold colors and shapes. The more color, the better! But this would not just be color they can see—this would be a color experience—one which they could move through, touch, and lay in. Second, the transparency of this installation will allow overhead lighting to spread the tunnel colors onto the floors and walls nearby, allowing patrons to experience color both from within the tunnels, as well as below them.

This installation is dedicated to my friend, Cale Gruen, who taught me that, in life, “everything needs a little color".

 spectrum installation : August 2019 

spectrum tunnel 2.jpg
spectrum install 2.jpg
spectrum tunnel.jpg
spectrum install1.jpg

perfect timing : foolish things coffee company

This hanging installation was created in 2013/2014, as a companion piece for the STORIES show, at Foolish Things Coffee Company, in Downtown Tulsa. Inspired in its own way by Dale Chihuly's glass chandeliers, this sculpture is a hanging installation of "paper" planes, made from sheet metal. Each plane was hand-cut, sculpted, hand-painted, and is completely unique. 

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